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We provide Health Insurance & Medicare for the Recently Released from Incarceration and those on Probation or Parole at little to no cost.

We are here to help!


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We Believe In Redemption

We help clients move forward with their lives. We work with Re-entry Programs, Faith-Based Organizations, Halfway Houses, Government Agencies and other Community Agencies.

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Help For Re-entry Professionals

We are your Resource for Health Insurance and Medicare Supplemental Insurance providing information and phone support to your Clients and Staff.

  • One Minute Orientation Video (English & Spanish)
  • Resources Cards for Orientation Packets
  • Small Informational Posters for Waiting Areas

Concierge Services

Most people are not insurance experts and do not know how to solve an insurance issue as it relates to themselves or family members.

It is incredibly frustrating for individuals to try and navigate these issues without help. That’s where our concierge service center is here to help at no cost.

Health Insurance

You have a right to get health insurance. No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits.

There are a number of options where either Health Insurance or Medicare Supplement Insurance can cost little to nothing.

Education & Awareness

We provide easy to understand resource materials in English and Spanish to the Formerly Incarcerated, Re-entry Professionals, and for Events

We provide webinars and can also “phone in” to staff meetings anytime to intro our (no cost) services.

Please call us to get materials or to set up a short presentation.

About Us

We are unique in that we help those who most turn away. We have worked with thousands of clients, with the vast majority referred to us.

Providing clients with clear and concise answers to their questions is what we do best.

Call today to learn more (225) 478-1572


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Insurance can be confusing. It is so refreshing working with an agency that you can trust to simplify complex terms, provide thorough explanations, and give their clients access to health insurance that best fit their needs. Vena and Karen are amazing. They are always available to answer my questions. I couldn’t imagine referring my patients anywhere else!

Asia Daiges

We are proud to work along with the following organizations to support the formerly incarcerated.